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Speed control of silicon controlled electronic aluminum alloy die casting shell

2020-09-26 08:00:14

The platform is equipped with aluminum shell with reinforced rib bottom plate. The platform surface is machined and ground and equipped with T-groove. The table is made of fine material, rust proof, stable and solid, and die cast aluminum alloy material. Nickel plating on this steel column is ground. 230V permanent magnet motor with high strength and long life. The main shaft is driven by conveyor belt and three-stage pulley, and the torque can be increased 6 times under the rotating speed. The drive shaft turns on the bearing. The die casting aluminum housing revolving shaft has 1/2 "thread", which can be used for standard chuck (ROHM industrial standard and standard) and fixture selection; fast and reliable bonding of metal, wood, plastic (including plexiglass), glass, ceramics, pottery, cardboard, leather, polystyrene foam and textile products. Depending on the amount of material used, the bonding time is about 30 seconds. Changing the bonding position can move during this period (unlike quick drying adhesive). 7mm adhesive tape is used for building models, toys, jewelry processing, dry flower bonding, etc. Mechanical feed ensures correct glue delivery. As a whole, the rack is placed on the table and is easy to use. Short heating time. The working temperature of the electric iron is 250 ℃. Welding of electronic components of aluminum alloy die casting box. The quality is very light and easy to operate. Heating time is short. Lock the switch. The head of the welding machine is equipped with a light-emitting tube, which helps to see the inside of the welding object. A weldable joint. It can be connected to the sockets of all micro ot power adapters.


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