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Configuration standard and technical performance requirements of aluminum die casting communication shell

2020-09-26 06:54:58

The specific function parameters are as follows: 1. Aluminum die casting communication shell with dual analog channels, 1mV / div ~ 20V / div wide range; 2. ≥ 7 inch wide screen display; 3. Supporting plug and play USB storage device, communicating with computer through USB and remote control; 4. System software can be upgraded through USB flash disk; 5. Waveform, setting and bitmap storage and waveform and setting reproduction; 6. Automatic measurement of no less than 32 waveform parameters, and provide function section It has the functions of waveform recording and playback; 8. Multi language menu display. Technical parameters: ★ channel number of aluminum die casting waterproof communication shell: ≥ 2 ★ bandwidth: ≥ 50MHz sampling rate: 1gs / s rising time: ≤ 7ns storage depth: 25kpts 
 waveform capture rate: ≥ 2000wfms / s vertical sensitivity (V / div): 1mV / div ~ 20V / div time base range (s / div): 2ns / div bitmap ★ trigger frequency meter: ≥ 6 bits trigger frequency meter trigger type: edge, pulse width, aluminum die casting communication shell manufacturer alternation Trigger level range: 5div from the screen center, ext3v release range: 80, rising and falling trigger mode: positive pulse width (greater than, less than, equal to), negative pulse width (greater than, less than, equal to pulse width range: 20ns ~ 10s 
 ch1 trigger: edge and pulse width 
 CH2 trigger: edge and pulse width cursor manual mode.


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