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Field amplifier housing
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Spray test is obvious on the field amplifier shell

2020-09-26 07:39:24

Operating environment: temperature 20-60 ℃, 5g base station shell humidity below 85% RH. Temperature detection sensor: thermocouple, thermal resistance, live detection. Support thermocouple sensors: e, J, K, N, R, s, B, t sensors. Support thermal resistance sensor: PT100, pt10, cu50, cu100, thermistor, accuracy class 0.1. Temperature measurement index: 1 ~ 64 points optional. Display: Communication shell, color liquid crystal, touch screen. Speed measurement: ≥ 30 ℃ / s. Alarm settings: the upper and lower alarm values of each temperature point can be set separately. User memory (tag): data storage. Communication interface: RS232 / 485 baud rate protocol, MODBUS is 4800, communication distance is 1000m. 1. Test position: ≥ 240pcs2. Set aging time: 0.1-99h, which can be adjusted arbitrarily. 3. Loading body: electronic loading; 4. Monitoring function: external PC, which can set the aging technical parameters and aging process of the product, monitor the output voltage / current value of the tested product, and judge the aging products; 5. Timing function: the aging time can be set at 0.1-99h, automatic timing function. 6. Aging quantity: no less than 240pcs aging quantity 7. 220 V input power supply of trolley 8. Voltage impact function: 5g communication shell manufacturer to disconnect and power off in case of open circuit; technical parameters of used goods: (a) frame size: ≥ 1900x1900x750mm (b) aging times: electronic load module unloading.


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