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Field amplifier housing
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Electric parameter measuring instrument for optical receiver shell of load digital power meter

2020-09-26 07:14:39

In automatic measurement, the optical communication equipment shell, Allow display cursor automatic measurement: peak value, width, large value, minimum value, large value, minimum value, median value, average value, cycle average value, cycle average value, overshoot, overshoot, frequency, cycle, rise time, descent time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, negative duty cycle, rise delay, descent delay mathematical operation: add and subtract 20 groups of FFT sampling points: 1024 points; Lissajou Chart optical communication module shell bandwidth: 50MHz / 70mz; storage waveforms of related technologies are not less than: 20 groups of waveforms, 20 groups of waveforms, 20 groups of FFT sampling points; 104 has dual channel output, can output 5 kinds of standard waveforms, and more than 48 kinds of arbitrary waveforms are built-in, which can meet the requirements of most applications in basic test. Input voltage: 0-150 V, input current: 0.1 Ma ~ 30 A, input power: 150 W, power factor range: 0.001-1.000, frequency range: 45-65 Hz, measurement accuracy: 0.4% reading + 0.1% measuring range, measuring speed: 5 times / s, input impedance, input channel: ≥ 2, 5g communication housing, sampling rate: 2.0gs/s, vertical sensitivity: 2mv-5v / div, position range: 2mv-200mv/ div:1.8v >200mv-5V/div : 45V, DC tilt accuracy: 3%, 10mV/ div:-5v 。                                                          


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