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Field amplifier housing
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Infrared thermal imager for field amplifier housing

2020-09-26 07:24:02

Time accuracy: Communication chassis case 50ppm, bandwidth 1GHz, 4 channels, analog channels + 16 digital channels, the maximum sampling rate is 5gsa / s, large storage capacity is 4mpts, display screen ≥ 8.5ft capacitive touch screen, waveform update rate > 1000, 000 waveform / s, trigger infiniiscanzone touch screen + standard trigger mode, advanced operation, standard configuration, display 1 function and FFT die casting aluminum communication shell, connect navigation, advanced operation function, limit / template test (option), option, width / option, width / width limit: 200MHz. Input: ≥ 2, sampling rate of each channel: 2.0gs/s, vertical sensitivity: 2mv-5v / div, positioning range: 2mv-200mv / div: ± 1.8V > 200mv-5v / div: ± 45V; DC compression accuracy: ± 3%, 10mV/ div:-5V/div : 8 bits, vertical resolution: 8, low-pass filter bandwidth: 20MHz, time base range: 2.5ns-50s/div, store thousands of images – 4GB memory or above and 4GB micro SD card ★ 3. IFOV (spatial resolution): ≤ 2.8mrad, resolution of detector: field of view: 35.7 °× 26.8 ° light point distance and size ratio: 353:1, no 5g communication shell processing line connection: 5 preset values: 0%, 2 5%, 50%, 75%, and the default value of PIP is 5.红外线热成像仪对于野外放大器外壳

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