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Field amplifier housing
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Shell material of memory optical receiver

2020-09-26 07:48:18

The instrument is used to measure the reaction time of human to target stimulus and movement, and check whether the reaction time of dominant hand is related to movement. Test and record the rhythmic tapping action of the subject's arm, communicate with the cast aluminum case, so as to understand the reaction time and action completion time of the subjects under the stimulation of sound or light, and judge the agility, persistence and accuracy of the subjects. (Experiment 4: total test time, reaction time, moving time, moving completion time and the total number of strokes required to complete a set of designated code taps correctly. Encoding mode: 153426 or 514362.. In Experiment 1, a special keyboard box was used. The distance between the reaction key and the moving key is 140mm, and the panel tilt is 16 °. Each cast aluminum box has an indicator light on the key. Special impact plates were used in experiments II, III and IV. It consists of a center plate with indicator light, six striking plates and one striking rod. There is a scale on the inside of the batting board. The distance between the left and right of each board can be adjusted according to the experimental requirements. It is 800mm in length and foldable. The instrument automatically identifies whether a special keyboard box or percussion board is connected. The choice of signal stimulation mode at the beginning of die casting reaction or Experiment III: sound and light appear separately or simultaneously. At the beginning of the experiment, press the reaction key or tap the control lever to wait on the center board, and there is a certain preparation time. The number of Experiments 1 and 2 is set to 10-90 times (10 times per file) or unlimited, up to 99 times. The number of Experiments 1 and 2 is set to 10-90 times (10 times per file) or unlimited, up to 99 times.


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